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Kari-Out Company
399 Knollwood Road
Suite 309
White Plains, NY 10603
Tel: (800) 433-8799
Tel: (914) 580-3200
Fax: (914) 580-3248

Founded in 1964, Kari-Out Company prides itself on being built up from the ground floor with an entrepreneurial attitude towards the growing food service industry. After gaining a strong position in our condiment lines, the company has expanded to include virtually all areas of the food service industry. Today, Kari-Out Company employs almost 200 people and has locations throughout the country. Kari-Out Company is also proud to have received the American Institute of Bakers highest standard of quality, Superior, in regards to our manufacturing processes.

The Kari-Out Company has also been featured in worldwide publications such as Fortune magazine. Please click here to view the article that appeared in Fortune Small Business in October, 2001 (.PDF, 129kb).

As Kari-Out Company moves into the future, we are confident that our strong staff, high quality products, good relations with our suppliers, and our commitment to our customers will ensure long term success for us as well as our customers and suppliers.

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